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54 comments on “Home

  1. Hi,

    Once entries open on the 1st of June how do we enter? would it be on this website?



  2. Dayum, whats with the crazy entry fee this year.. Its starting to become like the rest of the events. Dont loose the spirit of what Man n Machine was founded on.

    • Sorry Brett, i do understand. We have had to, because of pressure by sponsors to get the event televised which costs a tidy packet. This year all riders will receive a T-Shirt too 🙂

  3. Hi Darryl. Don’t you think it’s unfair that the riders must pay more at the expense of so called “sponsors” wanting this event to be broadcast? Your average rider out there is just getting squeezed out of events because it’s becoming rediculous what we have to pay to enter. Together with travelling costs, staying over costs, food and drink and the event cost it’s just not worth going anymore.

    • Hi Russel. We do understand the rising costs are quite annoying. Complying with the Events act is also putting strain on the budget as the number of riders increase every year. If we had to go back to a limited 250 riders it would drop the requirements and costs proportionally, but we are under constant pressure for new riders to enter. Over the 5 years we have only gone up R500. With an entry fee of R950 i think we are the cheapest entry amongst the other Multi Day enduro’s.

    • Hi Amanda, there is a cut off at the refuel on each day. This is to ensure the safety of all concerned. If you are cut off on the 1st day you may still ride the 2nd day, but will not earn your medal.

  4. Good afternoon
    What time do the entries open on the 1st of June 2016 for this years event
    Ivo Rugani

  5. Hi,

    Any update on the waiting list, I’m second on the list when will we now if we in or not.
    Best regards

  6. Thanks Darryl, please can I ask you to send me the mail with all the details. will do payment and send proof.


  7. Hi Darryl, how does the refueling work – Do we supply the fuel and collect it at refueling point ?

    • Yes you place your fuel drum at the designated “Fuel Area” at the start of both days. We have trucks that take your fuel to the refuel on both days. We will send an email circular to all entrants soon.

  8. Hi are all these comments above relating to lasts years event? I am assuming we will be waiting for May 1st and may 15th 2017 this year for this years entries. Do we put our names down before paying and then wait to see if we are in if its our 1st event?

  9. What is the minimum age that can enter Man And Machine … I am 11 and I would like to take part in the ride

  10. Hi Daryl , bit bummed as I did last years event with my son and really loved it . However they back at school on the 28 July and being a Friday he can’t miss school . Surely there must be quite a few Dads in this predicament, is it not possible to do it on the Sat/Sun , just wondering ?

  11. Hi everybody . Pls can someone help me . I would like to know the minimum age to enter and ride the man and machine. kind regards . Arthur Reineke

  12. Hi . I have entered already and would like to know if i can change from intermediate to Hard?

  13. Hi Darryl
    Last year I complained that my fuel drum (still full) was taken from the truck setting me back over R500.00) . How are the organisers going to make sure that this sort of daylight robbery will not happen again.
    SUGGESTION: Each Fuel drum to have riders number and when removed, the rider must present his/her ride number to the organisers before allowing the fuel drums from being removed.

    • Hi Kobus, yeah sorry about last year, that is part of the reason we have moved back to Boston. I managed to find many fuel drums from last year and have them in my possession. I will be taking them to this years event for people to collect. You can drop me and email and i’ll check if your’s is here.

  14. Evening folks,

    Please can you advise the exact location of the start for accommodation booking purposes.

    Many thanks


  15. Hi there.Im considering entering for man and machine this year.What do I Recieve for my R950 payment?

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